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Joti Brar-Gill

Registered Physiotherapist

I was born and raised in Canada and decided to combine my passion for travel with my passion for health by moving abroad to obtain my Degree in Physiotherapy. After successfully completing my degree, I moved back home where I passed the UBC Physiotherapy exams in 2014. Since then, I have worked in private practice and have loved every minute of it. With the goal to improve my patients’ level of care, I continuously seek to further my knowledge, thus far acquiring treatment skills in Visceral Manipulation, Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction, and Taping.


Most recently, I have successfully completed ConnectTherapyTM and The Thoracic Ring Approach Course by Dr. LJ Lee.  The whole body assessment approach taught by Dr. LJ Lee provided the framework to unlock some of the challenges we face as Physiotherapist in treating our patients. With this inspiring approach, my aim is to target the source of the issue, such that treatments can be effectively implemented to provide a lasting solution.


My personal time is filled with being a proud mother of two, an avid volunteer, and a student of the human body. Recently, I have found a passion in learning about food and its impact to our health. I truly believe that the first step to good health is a healthy diet, and that the body can be healed largely by the food we eat. Combining this passion with my love of Physiotherapy creates a natural fit, as our health is the sum of our many actions.

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