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Carol Horii 

Registered Physiotherapist

Carol was born and raised in Vancouver.  She graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1983 with a Bachelors Degree in Rehabilitation Medicine (in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy).  For over 30 years, she worked primarily in the public rehabilitation setting with older adults (aged 55+), helping her clients manage chronic or recurring conditions, or recover from surgery (particularly hip, knee, foot/ankle) or traumatic injuries.  


A firm believer in life-long learning, Carol has completed an extensive list of post-graduate courses. She has taken a strong interest in the works of Diane Lee and Dr. Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee, which emphasize a whole-body approach to assessment and treatment.  In 2014, Carol graduated from LJ’s course, “The Thoracic Ring Approach & The Integrated Systems Model” (which has since evolved into the now-called ‘ConnectTherapy’ courses).  The techniques, developed by LJ, aim to find the ‘Driver’ and treat the whole person.  This begins with a detailed discussion of a patient’s history followed by a thorough head-to-toe examination.   (For more information, please go to the links, Connect Therapy™ and the-thoracic-ring-approach™.)


When not working, Carol dabbles in jewelry making and various sports, and revels in the company of family (including her husband and 2 sons) and friends.  She has very fond memories of travelling, scuba diving trips, and competitive ballroom dancing.

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